ClubeFashion: A bad Customer Experience

ClubeFashion is a company that sells major brands products with great discounts. The channel they use is the Web and they have been truly successful. The buying process was simple and prices were good. That gave them a huge amount of clients by referral. Personally I recommended them to 10 or 15 friends.

I have been ClubeFashion’s customer for at least 5 years, made many purchases and was extremely happy with them. Even if on Christmas the product’s shipping took more than the average. The overall balance was very positive and I was loyal to the company. Actually I was an advocate as I recommended it to friends.

A few days ago I went to and saw a pair of nice shoes. The price was 74€ but when I went to the checkout the price was 84€. There was 10€ in debit on my account. I knew I didn’t have any amount in debit so I cancelled the purchase and sent a message to ClubeFashion’s Customer Service.

They took exactly 72 hours (3 days!) to reply and said they were sorry. It was a system bug that in the meantime was solved and so I was allowed to do the purchase again. The problem is promotions have deadlines, and the shoes I wanted to buy were taken off the site at 23:59 on the day before they replied.

So I sent another message to them thanking for the reply but saying that because of the delay on their answer, I was not able to buy the shoes anymore. Honestly I was expecting that they would reply saying that I could have the shoes anyway because it was their fault. But unfortunately I was wrong.

ClubeFashion’s customer service replied saying that they tried their best and suggested that I kept looking on their website for other opportunities. What? First, it seams that their best is not enough. Second, I don’t want other opportunities. I wanted those shoes not others! Their reply really annoyed me.

With this bad Customer Experience I turned from a loyal and advocate customer to an unresponsive and unsatisfied one. Obviously I am not going to buy from them so frequently and I would definitely not recommend them anymore. Actually it is worst, I am writing this post and sharing it on the social networks.

It’s their loss, when all could have been solved if they assumed the error and treated me well. If they gave me the chance to have the shoes, I would be really happy and more loyal and advocate than before. Because, I could then see that they really worried about the customer and “broke the rules” to please me.

As they made suggestions I will now make mine. I suggest ClubeFashion keep trying harder on “their best”, rebuild their Customer Service processes, and start focusing on delivering a better Customer Experience. If not, they will lose more and more clients, because they are not the only ones in the market.

Update 8 Nov 2012:
After publishing this post and shared it in the Social Networks, I exchanged more than 10 messages with ClubeFashion’s Customer Service. At first, the experience was getting worst as they didn’t want to let me make the purchase and they also wanted to held me  responsible for losing the promotion. Then after exchanging a few arguments ClubeFashion assumed responsibilities and showed availability to sort this out. They finally accepted the order and I’ll have my shoes. This will turn me from an unsatisfied customer to an unresponsive customer. But remember that 4 days ago I was a loyal and advocate customer. This is the consequence of a bad Customer Experience.

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