Ryan Air’s awful Customer Service

A few weeks ago I had a really bad experience flying with Ryan Air. Thus, I wrote a complaint. In Ryan Air’s website they say “We take pride in giving you the best possible service“.

It took Ryan Air 10 days (!!) to acknowledge my complaint and in the reply the Customer Service agent asked me to call a value added number or to post a letter to an address.

When I asked for a 21st Century channel (e.g. email) the Customer Service agent told me there wasn’t any and also told me (in what I find a rude way) to keep trying to call them.

This should be a guide on “What not to do when you want to deliver a good Customer Experience” or “Three main steps on how to lose a frequent Customer“.



One Response to Ryan Air’s awful Customer Service

  1. Helicopetero diz:

    O Luís gosta mais de voar na Ryan Air´s ou Easyjet, são mais seguras, ou da TAP?.

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